Brain Wars cheat – Increase your skills!

Brain Wars LogoNowadays, there is a very popular mobile game called Brain Wars that you can show your skills via playing real-time simple games with other people all around the world. It’s very popular because it is so simple and yet highly addictive!

You challenge people or your friends and play 3 simple games for each challenge to increase your skills (memory, observation, judgement, accuracy, speed etc.) and gain more experience. You start with grade “Turtle” and level up as you gain more experience and skills.

I have been playing this game for about 1 month now and I have noticed that in some conditions you can play the exact same games -including same answers- with a friend of yours!

First of all, pick a friend of yours whose grade is lower than yours and hasn’t been playing the game for a long time. This is important because you must challenge the log of your friend!

Once you challenge and complete it, challenge him/her again. And repeat this action as long as you notice that the games are exactly the same with the previous ones! At this point, you can memorize the answers and finish the games with higher skills since the answers are also exactly the sames with the previous ones!

Here are some screenshots after using this strategy with my account!

My brain map and skills!

Map of my skills

And here is my skill point! Notice the observation, it is full!

My skill conditions

My skill conditions

You can also get high scores by memorizing the answers!

Increase your game points!

Increase your game points!

And that’s all.

Here is a little tip for curious guys: try to challenge a friend who has played the game only once!

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